Yukarı Çık

Rotary Kiln

For responding the demands of today metal and cement industry, our company provides for metal industries rotary kilns up to 6000 tpd with regard to quality, maximum capacity and minimum costs. Beside Cement industry we are also expert in recycling from Electric Arc Furnace Dust to zincoxide (ZnO) in waelz kilns.

Our Reliable Design
  • Our rotary kilns use pneumatically-operated seals which are designed to ensure a continuous seal despite shifts in the position of the kiln
  • Our optimizing kiln tube construction ensures optimal safety with regard to material elasticity limits at operating temperature.
  • The air cooling of particularly large surface ensures the long life of the segments.
  • All drives for kiln types are designed to secure reliable operations under any operation conditions.

UDCM Cement Mill Series

Nominal Capacity (tpd)Dimension(mxm)Refractory Thickness(mm)Power Cons.(kW)Installed Power(kW)
2.250Ø 4,0 x 59200240450
2.800Ø 4,2 x 60200270500
3.500Ø 4,4 x 64200320550
4.000Ø 4,6 x 64220360630
5.000Ø 4,8 x 72220400700

Special rotary kiln design and intermediate rotary kiln diameter are designed by DAL Engineering Group for special purposes.

Products and Services
  • Rotary Kiln Design
  • Kiln Shell & under tyre systems
  • Kiln inlet and outlet sealings
  • Kiln Tyres & Rollers
  • Drive systems
  • Hydraulic thrust roller
  • Rotary Kiln Main burner
  • Kiln camera systems
  • Kiln erection or dismountling
  • Kiln maintenance service
  • Rotary Kiln Ovality Measurements