Yukarı Çık

Hydraulic Thrust

The automatic hydraulic thrust roller controls the kiln’s axial motion. The hydraulic thrust device is designed to take up the full axial load of the kiln, so skewing of the support rollers is not needed. The result is smooth operation with improved lifetime for rolling components.

Hydraulic thrust forces can be very severe and must be counteracted by suitable anchoring devices or concrete anchor blocks.

  • Improves lifetime for rolling components,
  • Minimizes the risk of breakdowns,
  • Reduces maintenance costs,
  • Absorption of kiln expansion and slide range
  • Functional and proven design

Kiln Dimenson(mxm)

Installed Power(kW)

Ø 3,8 x 52 400
Ø 4,0 x 59 450
Ø 4,2 x 60 500
Ø 4,4 x 64 550
Ø 4,6 x 64 630
Ø 4,8 x 72 700